Application range of steel castings

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Due to the characteristics of steel castings, almost all industrial departments require steel castings, which are particularly widely used in ships and vehicles, construction machinery, engineering machinery, power station equipment, mining machinery and metallurgical equipment, aviation and aerospace equipment, oil wells, and chemical equipment. As for the application of steel castings in various industrial sectors, the situation may vary greatly due to the specific conditions in various countries.

There are a wide variety of steel castings that cannot be enumerated. This article briefly describes the use of steel castings in several major industrial sectors.

1. Power station equipment

Power plant equipment is a high-tech product, and its main components operate continuously for a long time under high loads. Many components in thermal power and nuclear power plant equipment still need to withstand the corrosion of high temperature and high-pressure steam, so there are strict requirements for the reliability of components. Steel castings can meet these requirements to the maximum extent and are widely used in power plant equipment.

2. Railway locomotives and rolling stock

Railway transportation is closely related to the safety of people's lives and property, therefore. Ensuring safety is crucial. Some key components of locomotives and vehicles, such as wheels, side frames, bolsters, and couplers, are traditional steel castings.

Railway switches are components that withstand strong impact and friction, with extremely harsh operating conditions and complex shapes.

3. Construction, construction machinery and other vehicles

The working conditions of construction machinery and engineering machinery are very poor, and most parts bear high loads or need to withstand impact wear. A large part of them are steel castings, such as driving wheels, load-bearing wheels, rocker arms, track shoes, etc. in the motion system.

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