Materials to Avoid in Making Gardening Beds

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Gardening beds are a handy tool for the gardening industry, but not all materials are suitable for making gardening beds. On the one hand, the ornamental value is not enough, on the other hand, it will have a bad influence on the plants.

1. Old railway sleepers

In order to prolong the service life, sleepers must be treated with preservatives, which are generally composed of a mixed solution of coal tar and anthracene oil or sodium pentachlorophenate, and are not suitable for growing food.

2. Tires

There are many chemicals such as rubber, carbon black, petroleum additives, chemical mixtures, etc., which will decompose and volatilize into the soil and air.

3. Stained or painted wood

No matter what the paint is, most of them contain some harmful substances, and you don't want them to seep into the soil and get into the food.

4. Old style block/cinder block

Cinder bricks are made of cement and cinder, and it is difficult to ensure that all indicators meet the standards in the production process, so they can be used to plant flowers. Or make sure the material is cast with concrete.

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