Some wrong ways to use dental water flossers

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1. Excessive rinsing, I don’t know how to use the flosser/water floss at the beginning, and I will rely too much on the flosser/water floss, use it frequently, prolong the rinsing time, and use an overly strong gear to rinse the teeth Gum, etc., actually this is very wrong, I had frequent gum bleeding during that time.

2. Choose flossers/water flossers with too strong impact. I remember that in the first two years of use, I would prefer to choose products with strong impact, especially for European and American brands. In fact, I have to say Europe and the United States The brand is very suitable for European and American people, and the impact is particularly strong, but for our Chinese people with low dental quality, the impact is too strong and long-term use can easily cause excessive burden and wear on the teeth and gums. Especially the vast majority of us adults have cavities, periodontitis, which can easily wear down the enamel and irritate the gums.

3. Rinse the same position for too long, which is also a problem that many people will make. At the beginning, they are not used to the pulse frequency and time frequency of the flosser/water flosser, or suffer from cleaning anxiety, and always feel that the rinse is not clean. It is easy to rinse the same position for too long, which is actually easier to wear the teeth and gums.

4. Not being vigilant about the adjustment of daily gingival burning and swollen and painful rinsing methods. The teeth and mouth of each of us are changing in real time. Some daily problems such as burning, red and swollen gums will change in real time, but many people Including myself, I seldom pay attention to these details, and the same daily cleaning method can easily lead to the aggravation of these problems.

5. Novices should use it from weak to strong for the first time. This is what many people don’t pay attention to. They think their teeth and gums can adapt, or think that their teeth are in good health, so they don’t pay much attention to the first gear. Rinse blindly without strength, pay special attention when you first use the flosser, and be sure to start using it from the weakest gear.

6. There is a problem with the angle of use, and it is easy to rinse the gums too much. Many people actually don’t know how to use it. Some people rinse the gaps between the teeth obliquely, which is easy to irritate the gums. Of course, it does not mean that the flosser cannot rinse the gums, but Be sure to pay attention to the degree and frequency. After all, the gums are relatively fragile, so you should not rinse the gums too frequently or with too much force.

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