What is a planting bed?

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The planting bed refers to the use of wooden boards, plastic boards or cement blocks to surround the surroundings, and then fill the middle with soil for planting vegetables. This is the planting bed.The height of the planting bed is generally at least 15 cm, and the planting bed generally bought is about 30 cm.

Advantages of planting bed vegetables 

1. The vegetable garden looks neater and more beautiful

When we install the planting bed, we will plan it in advance, and it will be more tidy on the whole. The coaming of the planting bed can fix the soil in the planting bed. Therefore, the walking area around the planting bed is easier to keep clean.

2. It is easy to transform the soil

For those friends whose backyard soil is not conducive to vegetable growth, planting beds can improve the soil quality very well.

Different planting beds can be prepared with different soils, which is more conducive to the growth of different types of vegetables.

By using a planting bed, generally speaking, the drainage will be better, which is a very good choice for those vegetable gardens with poor drainage.

3. Easier to work

Generally speaking, the minimum height of the planting bed is 15 cm. Most of the planting beds are about 30 cm. The planting bed made by yourself can be higher. Therefore, when working, reduce unnecessary bending, so that the daily work will not be so tiring, which will cause back pain caused by the work of the vegetable garden.

Planting beds are definitely very helpful for friends with limited mobility.

4. Can reduce pests and diseases

The use of planting beds can effectively control snails and slugs. The planting beds are generally relatively high, and it is difficult for snails and slugs to climb to such heights.

5. The temperature rises rapidly in spring

When the planting bed comes in spring, because the soil of the planting bed is exposed to the weather, the temperature rises faster, which is more conducive to planting in advance.

6. Prevent damage

Using a planting bed is a great way to keep children or pets from stepping on vegetables.

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