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What are the finished product testing items for rubber hoses?


The finished product testing items of rubber pipes include: Rubber pipes are a type of tubular rubber products used to transport gas, liquid, slurry or granular materials. They are composed of inner and outer rubber layers and skeleton layers. Generally speaking, the inner and outer rubber layers of ordinary hoses are made of natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber, oil-resistant hoses are made of chloroprene rubber and nitrile rubber, and acid and alkali-resistant and high-temperature resistant hoses are made of ethylene-propylene rubber and fluorine rubber. Or silicone rubber, etc. As rubber tubes are used in many areas of life and production, rubber tube inspection is particularly important. Especially the testing of rubber pipes used for water, oil, gas and other purposes. Through preliminary testing, safety hazards caused by quality problems of rubber pipes can be effectively prevented, and it plays a necessary role in supervising and protecting people's production and life. effect.

Classification: According to the skeleton: cloth hose, braided hose, wound hose, knitted hose, special hose, silicone hose, full rubber hose, suction hose, braided hose, knitted hose, short fiber hose

Divided by use: water pipes, hot water pipes, steam pipes, marine pipes, food and beverage pipes, air pipes, welded pipes, gas pipes, ventilation pipes, material pipes, oil pipes, chemical pipes, high-pressure pipes, etc.

Specific uses: diesel locomotive oil rubber hoses, rubber hoses and pure rubber hoses for internal combustion engine air and vacuum systems, rubber hoses and pure rubber hoses for internal combustion engine cooling systems, automotive thermoplastic non-reinforced hoses and hoses, automotive water delivery rubber Hoses and pure rubber hoses, rubber and plastic hoses and hose assemblies for automobile air conditioners, steel wire reinforced hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies for mining, fabric reinforced rubber hoses and hose assemblies for transporting air and water in mining , non-foldable rubber and plastic hoses for fire protection, fire absorbent hoses, dilute acid and alkali resistant rubber hoses, steel wire wrapped reinforced rubber-coated hydraulic rubber hoses and hose assemblies, hydraulic fabric-reinforced plastic hoses and Hose assemblies, etc.

Test items: Physical and mechanical properties: density, hardness, surface resistivity, dielectric properties, tensile properties, impact properties, tear properties, compression properties, bonding strength, wear resistance, low temperature properties, rebound properties, bending test

Reliable tests: ozone resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance test, salt spray test, liquid resistance test, hot air accelerated aging test

Liquid resistance: lubricating oil, gasoline, engine oil, acid, alkali, organic solvent

Dimensions: inner diameter size, length tolerance, dimensional measurement

Practical performance: hydraulic pressure resistance, pulse test, electrical conductivity, water tightness, air tightness

Material identification: Testing and testing of rubber materials, providing import and export related certificates, report analysis and cost analysis.

rubber pipes modification: Improvement of new product features, such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and elongation.

Industrial diagnosis: detection of product treatment problems such as vulcanization time, whitening.

Formula detection: analyze formulas, customize icons, and provide technical guidance.


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