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Why should the airsickness bag be folded?


Why should the airsickness bag be folded?

1. Take at least 500 mg of vitamins before boarding the plane.

2. Sit close to the passage, so that you can walk on the passage at any time, so that the blood pressure will not remain low.

3. Do not sit in the "smoking area", because human beings smoke under compressed air, which will consume their physical energy and cause headaches.

4. Try to limit the amount of sugar you eat. While eating sugary foods can give you a temporary boost, the overall effects can be malign.

5. If you must drink alcohol, you must drink it while eating, because food will absorb most of the alcohol, and the combination of food and alcohol will produce a hypnotic effect.

6. The caffeine contained in coffee and tea will consume people's physical energy, so if you drink coffee and tea while flying, it will make you feel tired and depressed.

7. If you want to prevent the effects of indigestion, you should chew slowly and carefully when eating to protect your food.

8. If you want to prevent vomiting, you must eat less liquid things 4 hours before the plane takes off until the plane lands.

9. Touch your toes frequently, twist your waist, and stand up straight. This will promote blood circulation.

10. For people who are old or have heart disease, flying for a long time will be life-threatening, because it will cause blood clots in the legs.

The reason why the airsickness bag is folded is to prevent bacteria from touching the mouth of the bag (the mouth and nose will touch when using the airsickness bag)

There are also general airsickness bags that are not folded but sealed (there are things like the teeth next to the stamps)

This is to ensure hygiene, it is guaranteed to be disposable, and all opened ones must be recycled and destroyed毁


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